परियोजना (Projects)

A simple Todo App with Docker.
For Database I have used MongoDB and Nodejs for backend.
Dockerfile where all commands are contained to assemble an image.
Docker Compose.yml through which all images run successfully.
I have used Digital Ocean to host this app for 2 reasons: 1. To explore DO and 2. Pre-installed docker

The project was based on IOT in which we have automated our block electricity with the help of web interface and mobile application, secondary we have use camera for double check the problem. you can also see each room consumption of electricity on web interface which we have provided to the Admin office..

Developed a web application using machine learning which can detect the hand motion of gym going people and help them to do the correct posture.

The project was to implement automate deployment of hybrid cloud computing and virtualization with containerized Docker & Kubernetes Integration on RedHat Linux System using Python-CGI and provisioned by ansible-DevOps tools with operational intelligence tool Splunk


पता (Address)

Lovely Professional University,
Punjab, India-144411
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